Oxford and Cotswolds Bike Hire

24/7 Bike Hire in Milton Park

Cycle Hire is available self-service 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year from various hub locations in Milton ParkVisit the Donkey Republic website

This Business Park location offers cycle rental / pool bikes. The bikes and system are all managed by Bainton Bikes allowing the bikes to be used for free by any nominated people – usually employees of the various employers housed at the location.

To check availability, access and rent a bike you will first need to download our software partners App onto your phone using your work email account.

If you cannot see the bikes please contact the park management team for assistance.

Download the App

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Visit the Donkey Republic website

Bikes can be rented from any location and returned to any of our other locations.

How it works

  1. Rent a bike - Open the Donkey Republic App to see pick up locations and rent with your phone
  2. Unlock with your phone - Connect to the lock via Bluetooth to lock and unlock your bike whenever you make a stop
  3. Ride and keep the bike - Short or long rentals. Lock and unlock your bike as much as you like
  4. Return at the end - When you are done riding, bring the bike to an available drop-off location, end your rental in the app.
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