Brill Windmill Road Ride

Brill Windmill Road Ride

This route will take you along quiet roads through antiquated villages that surround the city.

You will then slowly begin gaining elevation before climbing the hill into the exquisite village of Brill, which with its immaculate windmill and views across the county is a perfect halfway point stop.

The final half of this route brings you back towards the city through active farming villages with plenty of opportunity for pub stops along the way.

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Key Facts

Tour Length – 31 Miles / 50 km
Difficulty – Easy / Medium
Tour Duration – 3 hours – 5 hours
Bikes – Touring bikes, Tandem, Road bikes
Standard Price – £3.50

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Brill Windmill Road Ride

Picturesque villages

  • Brill
  • Boarstall
  • Islip
  • Horton-cum-Studley
  • Oakley
Brill Windmill Road Ride

Countryside views

  • Numerous country pubs with gardens
  • Brill Windmill
  • River Cherwell
  • View across county from top of Brill
  • Bernwood Forest
Brill Windmill Road Ride

Historic sights

  • Visit the village that inspired ‘Middle Earth’
  • Boarstall Duck Decoy
  • Boarstall Tower
  • J.R.R. Tolkein’s resting place
  • The Dragon School

Starting Point

Bainton Bikes
78 Walton Street

Where do the tours start?
The start and end locations will vary depending on the cycle route you are conducting, the routes are structed in such a way that points of interests and directions are numbered and on the circular tours there is no reason why you cant start and end the route at different points on the route.

How difficult is the route?
Each route is graded per difficulty, which can be fund within the route description, the difficulty is graded as follows;

  • EASY: Relaxed cycling, ideal for beginners and for families looking for a cycling adventure. You will have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the sights and stop whilst on your trip. The terrain will likely be mostly flat
  • EASY TO MODERATE: Perfect for the occasional rider: mostly Easy but may include longer Moderate stretches on generally flat terrain with some occasional moderate uphill/downhill sections.
  • MODERATE: Suitable for more regular cyclists who have an active lifestyle. Moderate grade include longer cycling and steeper ascents and descents. May include longer stretches of uphill climbs and descents or several shorter steeper uphill and downhill sections along the route.
  • MODERATE TO STRENUOUS: Suitable for very active cyclists with an excellent level of fitness looking for more demanding and challenging cycling. Moderate to strenuous itineraries involve extended steep ascents and descents along routes.
  • STRENUOUS: These are challenging itineraries, great for keen cyclists who have solid long-distance cycling experience and are in perfect shape. These are typically road cycling tours but may include gravel / off-road sections.

Can I bring my Dog?
Yes, no problem but let us know so we can book a dog trailer for you.

Can I bring a bag with me?
Yes, you can either carry your bag or some bikes do have baskets you can fit it in. If you have luggage or bulky bags, we can make arrangements for you to leave these at our shop.

What do I need to bring with me?
Mostly nothing except yourself! But here are a few ideas to help keep you comfortable (depending on time of year)
Suitable clothing for the time of year
Sun cream
Bottle of water
Comfy shoes

What are the safety issues?
Our routes are carefully planned, which will keep you away from busy traffic and were possible using pedestrian crossings. Our hire bikes are regular maintained by qualified mechanics.
Parents are politely reminded that they are responsible for their children.

Are these tours appropriate for children?
It really depends on the cycle route being selected, read the summary or key facts for specific details.

Do you provide helmets?
We do keep some helmets in the shop we can lend you but cannot guarantee their safety
For safety and hygienic reasons Bainton Bikes do not hire out helmets. Apart from no legal constraints compelling a rider to wear one we also believe we cannot guarantee the hygiene of the prior user or the care given to the helmet. A helmet’s safety is deemed compromised if it has been dropped to the ground as the inner shell must be intact, the only way to know this is through thorough examination using x-ray which we are unable to do after every hire. Please bring your own helmet if you are worried, alternatively we do also sell helmets in our shop.


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