Rental memberships

Rental memberships

If you are a regular commuter, save money through our membership scheme.

Through our self-service cycle hire we work with software partner Donkey Republic who provide the technology that makes 24/7 self-service cycle hire possible.

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If you want regular access to our self-service 24/7 bikes, we’ve got you covered. For a fixed monthly fee, you can get on any bike from any self-service hub. Take as many rentals as you need, free for 1 or 12 hours per rental, and charged according to our Just Ride prices afterward.

With a Membership, you can;

  • Get easy access to bikes in all our cities
  • Rent for free, up to 1 or 12 hours at a time
  • Different packages and costs to suit your requirements
  • Rent 1 bike at a time
  • Cancel anytime – no binding
  • Upon cancelling, keep your membership until the end of the current billing period
  • Let go of your worries about theft or damage, insurance is included.

Corporate and group discount rates are available – contact us for more details.

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