Pool Bikes for Business

Pool Bikes for Business

We specialise in providing fully managed leased or purchased Pool Bikes and Electric Pool Bikes for numerous businesses and business parks across Southern England.

Our customers fleets range from just a handful of bikes to large scale transport solutions. Our customers include;

  • Thames Valley Police
  • Amazon Dartford fulfilment Centre
  • The University of Oxford
  • Milton Park: Science & Technology Park
  • Harwell Science & innovation Campus
  • Chineham Business Park
  • Farnborough Business Park
  • Silverstone Business Park
  • Abbot Diabetes Care Ltd
  • Winnersh Triangle Business Park
  • Maxis Business Park

We commonly work with both private and public land owners to increase accessibility for users across a range of commuter access points; for example work places and railway stations.

Pool Bike Rental systems

We provide bespoke solutions for each business or business park with services that do not require any costly infrastructure and are easily implemented and managed. Offering bikes from a single location or multiple locations that can either be rented through an internal process or through a fully integrated system managed by us.

Options include;

  • Maintaining bikes on a regular basis.
  • Supplying bikes.
  • Supplying bikes with regular site visits for maintenance.
  • Supplying bikes with built in Bluetooth locks and software system to allow nominated users access to bikes 24/7, also allowing bikes to be picked up and dropped off from numerous nominated locations.

The Bikes

We have the experience and know-how for what makes a great Pool Bike. We’ve specially selected and customised a range of standard and electric bikes to make them the perfect Pool Bikes.

We favour practical, comfortable bikes that contain enclosed brakes, chains, gears, and have dynamo (hub) powered lights. However, we have accounts with numerous bicycle manufacturers and can supply any type of bike to suit your requirements, whether that might be a folding bike, electric bike or even a tandem we can meet your requirements.

Bikes can be customised and branded in accordance with your corporate identity.

Benefits of pool bikes

There are numerous benefits for businesses to operate Pool Bike schemes with well documented case studies (which we are happy to supply on request).

Employer benefits include;

  • Reduced travel costs and often time saving on travel
  • An increase in employees using active travel – beneficial for health and well being which include reduced sickness absence and increased productivity
  • Reduced demand for car parking
  • Enhanced corporate and social responsibility
  • Generate financial benefits
  • Help improve air quality / Reduced carbon reporting

Employee benefits

  • Increased travel choices
  • Benefits in being more active; including reduced sickness absence and increased productivity
  • Financial benefits with reduced travel expenses ➢ Improved journey times for commuting


Depending on the best pool bike rental system and maintenance plan, bikes will be covered under our liability


Costs will vary depending on the size of the fleet and the rental system, but it will be a fixed amount payable monthly, quarterly, or annually.

We also offer options where you can rent your fleet of bikes to the general public.

Already have pool bikes?

We offer service packages for businesses with existing pool bikes, helping you keep bikes and employees safe and out on the road. With a range of options and all servicing completed on site, we keep things easy for you.

More information

Download our Business Park Fellowship System guide for more information on how our business park pool bike scheme works.

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